What plan should I be on?

The best place to look to answer this question, would be our pricing page. However here is a brief explanation on how this works:

  1. How many sales/transactions do you plan to make per month?
     Less than 300 transactions per month? The Basic Plan!

     Between 300 and 600 transactions per month? The Premium Plan! 

     More then 600 transactions per month? The Unlimited Plan!

  2. What systems are you connecting? For example:
    If you are ONLY connecting 2 E-Commerce systems and 1 Accounting system and a Fulfilment system, you can use the Basic plan, provided you stay under 300 transactions per month.

    Want to add another Fulfillment connector? or another E-Commerce connector? Or even a Email Marketing system? Great! Now you'll be using the Premium or Unlimited plan, depending on what/how many connectors you add.
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