Preparing your CRM system for integration

When connecting your CRM system to OneSaas, there are a few things you can do to help ensure a successful integration. Learn more on this below.


We recommend cleaning up your contacts in your CRM database to ensure no pre-existing duplicates exist, and that your customer data is correct. If you already have contacts in another system you're connecting, ensure the contacts between the two systems have matching names, and emails.

Custom Fields

OneSaas is built and tested to work with a standard CRM setup. If you're using any custom fields, our integration may not work for you. We'd still recommend testing this out on a free 7 day trial, and contacting out support here for assistance in working out if OneSaas is right for you.

API Requirements and Limitations

Our CRM integrations work by connecting to the respective CRM APIs and matching/transferring data. Please make sure that your CRM account has all the proper API access before using OneSaas.

If you are looking to integrate large amounts of data, please also be aware certain CRM systems/CRM trials have hard limits on their API. Meaning that we may not be able to sync large amounts of data all at once. This might also affect any other CRM integrations that you may have in place prior to using OneSaas.

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