Connect eBay

  1. From your Apps Dashboard, select Add Connection, then select eBay
  2. Here, you can either Add another connection, or you can go ahead and Authorize the eBay connection.
  3. You will now need to Sign in to eBay, to do this please select Connect OneSaas to my eBay
  4. Please enter your eBay Email or UserID and Password, then select Sign in
  5. To allow OneSaas access to your eBay account, please select Allow
  6. Great! Your eBay account is now connected, and authorized with your OneSaas file.
  7. Now that you've connected your eBay, you can either add another connection by selecting Add Connection, or move forward and configure your integration. For more information on how our setup process works, please check out our setup process walk through here.
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