How to test if your Invoice data is being integrated

If you are unable to determine if an invoice has been integrated, here are several things you can check:

1. Order Status
Check that the order is in the correct status to be pulled out in accordance with the settings in your OneSaas. Go to your OneSaas dashboard and click on the configuration settings to view the setup.

2. Starting Date
Check that the order is dated within the range of your OneSaas settings.
You can also check this in the mentioned settings above.

3. OneSaas dashboard
Check that there are no errors on your OneSaas dashboard. If there are errors, be sure to read them to see if any of them refer to the specific invoice you are looking for.
If there are errors which have the wording "Could not retrieve Invoices updates", it usually means that the order sync has stopped. Please contact OneSaas support and we can look further.

4. Search OneSaas
Go to your OneSaas dashboard, Data->Transactions section and search for the invoice. Sometimes the order may have been integrated but you simply could not find the order in the destination system.
The Transactions in your OneSaas are here:

If you search and click on a specific order you should be able to find details with links at the bottom that take you directly to the invoice in your destination system.


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