Stock Control Between E-Commerce and Stock Control Systems

OneSaas typically has the ability to integrate stock levels between e-Commerce systems and Stock Control systems. Stock Control systems can often be a part of an Accounting package or CRM package.

This works in the following process:

  1. OneSaas pulls products data from both e-Commerce and Stock Control systems. This includes SKU/Product Code and Product Name.
  2. OneSaas will then match products between the 2 systems based on SKU/Product Code
  3. If stock level option is selected, OneSaas will check the Stock Control system for stock levels and then carry this across to the e-Commerce system.
  4. Going forward, the Stock Control system will alert OneSaas if there has been any stock level updates.

When a sale is made in the e-Commerce system, stock levels are processed in the following method:

  1. OneSaas pulls sales invoice from e-Commerce system and pushes this to the Stock Control system
  2. The Stock Control system takes the sale along with the products data and re-calculates the stock levels internally.
  3. OneSaas detects the change in stock levels and passes these updates back to e-Commerce system.


  • OneSaas cannot pull stock levels from one e-Commerce system and push this to another e-Commerce system. The reason for this restriction is because there is no stock level control if a sale is made.
  • OneSaas cannot pull stock levels from e-Commerce systems and push this to Stock control systems.
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