Troubleshooting Volusion

There are currently known limitations with the Volusion integration that would result in OneSaas not able to pull the desired data from Volusion.

1. Other Integrations Outside of OneSaas
If you are already integrating Volusion with various other systems(e.g. Shipping, Inventory, POS etc) via the generic XML export, then OneSaas will not be able to accurately pull data from Volusion.

The reasoning behind this is because the current Volusion API does not distinguish between different connectors. As a result when certain data is marked as already exported, this applies across the entire API and OneSaas will not be able to pull this data again.

2. Pulling data from Volusion, then deleting.
The following scenario will also fail to pull data from Volusion:

1. Initial sync from Volusion into OneSaas
2. The data in OneSaas is deleted, possibly due to incorrect configuration and settings needed to be changed
3. A second sync is triggered after settings corrected to pull the right data.

The second sync will result in no data coming from Volusion. This is because once the Volusion API marks a record as 'Sent', we cannot retrieve the data again.


To fix both the above scenarios, an API re-set can be performed within Volusion.
There should be a re-set button next to each generic export option within the Volusion API. If you do not know how to re-set your API, please contact Volusion support for help.

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