E-Commerce And Accounting Integrations - Addresses Discrepancy

Explanation of the limitation

With E-Commerce systems, we often find 3 addresses associated with an order:

1. Buyer's Billing Address
2. Buyer's Shipping Address
3. Order Shipping Address(This is specified by the buyer in the event they want to send the order as a gift to somebody else)

OneSaas has the ability to support all 3 addresses, however when it comes to Accounting systems, they typically only handle the Buyer's Billing and Shipping address. Orders do not have their individual shipping address.

As a result we do not recommend printing shipping labels from Accounting Systems without prior checking.

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Specific examples


We cannot populate the 'Ship to' field on the Saasu invoice screen. This is because that field is not a simple text box, that field asks us to reference a contact record within the Saasu database.

So that means in order to populate the 'Ship to' field, we need to create a new contact record in Saasu that matches the invoice shipping data. Unfortunately we cannot do that because there's simply not enough consistent data passed to us from e-Commerce systems for that field. On top of that the e-Commerce system does not treat this invoice shipping address as a separate 'contact' entity. So essentially we have the potential to create junk contacts in your Saasu on a mass scale.

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