TroubleShooting Xero

Contact Push Limitation

The Xero API has a known limitation that does not allow 2 individual contacts with the same name to be pushed through to Xero.

Consider the following scenario:

In Xero there exists a contact with name 'John Doe', with the email

When integrating with another system, OneSaas gets another 'John Doe' contact, however with a different email address and contact details (

Because of this OneSaas will treat both John Doe records as separate contacts. However if we try to push the new John Doe into Xero, the Xero API rejects this on the basis that the name is a duplicate.

When this happens, we'll automatically append the second contact with a '-1' (John Doe-1) to send it through to Xero.

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Swapping Billing and Shipping Address's on Invoices

In some integration scenarios, your Shipping and Billing address may be swapped on the push to Xero - if this is happening to you, then we've got a special configuration setting that'll swap the address's back to the way you'd like them to appear in Xero. Here's how you can do this:

  1. From your OneSaas Dashboard, select Configure
  2. Next, select the Xero logo as seen in the screenshot below
  3. Select Next

  4. Now, you're able to select the option Swap Billing and Shipping Address then select next to finalize your changes

Now, on your next sync you should see all future invoices coming through with the customers Billing and Shipping address's swapped around.

Note: You will not see Xero's advanced settings if you don't have the push of invoices configured.

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Invoice Updates from source systems

After an invoice has been sent to Xero, OneSaas will continue to take any invoice updates from the source system and update Xero. This will mean that if you make any manual changes to your Xero invoice, they could get overwritten if we get another update from the source system.

We're working on the enabling features to make this overwrite optional, however in the meantime please be sure to make any changes in your source system and run a sync.

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Product Names Limitation

The Xero API has a known limitation where it doesn't allow items to have HTML tags in product names.

If any items in the source system have HTML in the name, please be sure to remove it, otherwise OneSaas will not be able to synchronize the products and consequently the transactions, to Xero.

HTML is considered anything between the '<' and '>' characters.

Please note that if the description also contains HTML tags, the item will be created in Xero but with an empty description.

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