Troubleshooting SalesForce

  1. REST API Error
  2. Switching between Accounts and Person Accounts


If you receive this error message:


Could not start synchronisation. The REST API is not enabled for this Organization. Not all SalesForce Editions support API Access

This is because you do not have the API enabled in your Salesforce account.  In order to get the API enabled, you will need to contact your Salesforce Account Executive and arrange to either:

  • pay for the API license as an add on to your Professional Subscription, or
  • upgrade to Enterprise, which includes the API

Once you have done this, you will be able to successfully synchronise with Salesforce via OneSaas.

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Switching between Accounts and Person Accounts

If you have connected OneSaas with SalesForce and have switched or thinking of switching between Accounts and Person Accounts, please do not trigger any further synchronisations and contact OneSaas Support.

Due to differences in the data structures between the Accounts and Person Accounts setup in SalesForce, we risk duplicating data if OneSaas is not configured properly.

The following steps will need to be carried out:

1. Clear the data currently in OneSaas
2. Review the configuration setup with SalesForce.
3. Re-synchronise the data after setup change.


Please reach out to our customer care team for further help.

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