Helping Us Help You

When you contact OneSaas support, we will do our best to answer any questions, issues or worries you have. However there are a few ways you can help us, help you.

This article will cover the following topics:



Linking us to your OneSaas Account

This help's us quickly navigate to your OneSaas file, meaning we'll be able to view and diagnose any issues you have quickly

To do this you need to firstly Log In to your OneSaas account

After logging in, you should find yourself on the Apps Dashboard. From here, you can copy paste the URL to OneSaas support!

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Sending screenshots to OneSaas Support

This will help us have better visibility to any issues you're having, as we do not have access to systems you've connected to OneSaas.

To do this, you can download a free system Jing. This software will help you easily take and share any screenshots you wish.

Screenshots that are useful:

  • What the data looks like in the original system
  • What the data looks like in the destination system
  • Any data that is wrong can be highlighted

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Replying to OneSaas support emails

When you reply to OneSaas support emails, please ensure you type your reply above the line. For further reference, please check out the screenshot below:

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