General OneSaas Tips and Tricks

Below are a few little points about OneSaas that you may, or may not know already - reading the below will ensure your OneSaas experience is much more enjoyable.

Disconnecting Connected Systems

The Disconnect button will remove the selected connection from your OneSaas account. Please do not click on this unless you are sure that you want to remove this system from your integrations.

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Changes To Your Configuration Settings

Any changes you make to your settings will only apply to new data. Depending on the scenario you may be able to delete the data from OneSaas and the try the sync again. However generally we recommend that you continue testing with new data.

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Syncing To Fix Errors

If there are errors, constantly hitting the Synchronize button will not fix the error. It also prevents OneSaas support from helping you if the file is in sync

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What Failed Really Means

A sync status of Failed does not always mean that the connection is broken. Please be sure to read the full Synchronisation report or Status report, this can be found under Reports. Often the sync shows a Failed state because a few data records have issues, but new data is still being integrated.

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Password Resets

When you re-set your password and you do not receive an email, please do not continuously click the re-set button as this will result in your account being locked out. Instead, you can contact our support team by submitting a ticket via the following link, and one of our support staff will gladly help you out -

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