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Adding OneSaas To Your Shipping Easy Store

    1. Firstly, navigate to Shipping Easy and log in to your Shipping Easy account
    2. Select Settings at the top of your screen
    3. From here, select Stores & Orders
    4. We now need to add OneSaas to your Shipping Easy account, please hit Add New 
    5. Please select OneSaas from the drop down menu
    6. Enter the following URL -
      Note: if you enter any other URL your integration will not work
    7. Save your changes
    8. Now, on the same page please take note of your Store API Key, you'll need it later in the integration process. It can be found by looking at the details for the store you just added
    9. Within your Shipping Easy account, please navigate to settings, then from there API Credentials. From here please take note of the API Key, and the API Secret, you'll need these details later in the integration process

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Integrating Shipping Easy

    1. For this part, please start by logging in to your OneSaas file
    2. From your Apps Dashboard, select Add Connection, then select Shipping Easy
    3. Here, you can either Add another connection, or you can go ahead and Authorize the Shipping Easy connection.
    4. Now, you'll need to enter the following details: API Key, API Secret, Store API Key. This can be found within your Shipping Easy account, more information on how to find these details can be found in the screenshot below.
    5. Great! Your Shipping Easy account is now connected, and authorized with your OneSaas file.
    6. Now that you've connected your Shipping Easy, you can either add another connection by selecting Add Connection, or move forward and configure your integration. For more information on how our setup process works, please check out our setup process walk through here.

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