Deleting Data In OneSaas

Sometimes, you'll need to delete data from your OneSaas file - this can be a risky process, however below we'll explain how, and why you would delete data from your file. One main point to note, would be that when you delete data you're only deleting it from OneSaas - this will not delete data from any other system. If you are not sure if you need to delete data or not, please check with OneSaas support.


How to delete data

As a first rule, you need to ensure that if you're deleting data you manually apply the same action, on the same record across all systems. Never delete data in one system and assume we will pick up the delete operation, if you delete data without also deleting the record in OneSaas, you will most likely run into errors.

In your OneSaas file from the Data section, you can delete most of your data by hitting the Remove button with the trash can icon next to it.

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Why delete data?

There are a variety of reasons you may need to delete data, sometimes OneSaas support may ask you to, or sometimes you just want to get rid of it across all systems. Below are a few common reasons:

  • We've pulled in duplicate products from one of your systems, and pushed this through to another system - we need to delete the incorrect record across all systems manually, including OneSaas to ensure all sales are made against the correct product.
  • You're cleaning up old data in all systems, so you'll need to manually delete your data everywhere including OneSaas to ensure we don't recreate anything - we will not pick up any delete operations from your other systems.
  • We've pulled in incorrect data from another system, in this case you'll need to delete data in both OneSaas and the destination system, correct the data in the original system and then re-sync.

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Why can't I delete data?

As a safety measure, you will not be able to delete data if that record is being used - below are some common scenarios that this would happen:

  • You're trying to delete a product that is currently used in a transaction - if you would really like to delete this, you'll need to delete the transaction first, then the product.
  • You're trying to delete a contact that is currently used in a transaction - if you would like to delete this, you'll need to do the same as you would with a product and delete the transaction first.

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Consequences of deleting data

Majority of the time deleting data is not the right thing to do, and will cause issues further down the line - these issues can be avoided by applying the delete operation across all systems. Below is an example of the consequences of not doing so:

If you delete a product in your accounting system, then recreate it and assume our system will pick up the changes - unfortunately we won't. We have a link to that old product, and when we try to push an update to the product, or even a new sale to the product it will not work. This could have been avoided by deleting the data across all systems including OneSaas

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