Testing OneSaas

If you're not sure if you want to start using OneSaas with your live systems straight away, and would like to see our system in action before you do so - keep reading and find out how you can test our system.


  1. Get Free Trials
    As a first step, majority of the apps we integrate with offer some sort of free trial period. Go ahead and sign up to some free trials for the systems you're looking to use.

  2. Create Test Data
    Next, you'll want to create some test data in your trial accounts (e.g. contacts, products and invoices). Setting up your trial account the closest you can to your live accounts (obviously scaled down a little) is a good idea, this is because every integration is different. Our integration is not a simple field to field mapping, we take each unique setup into account.

  3. Create OneSaas Trial
    After you've done this, go ahead and create an account with OneSaas. This account will be free for the next 7 days and we won't require you to enter any payment details.

  4. Connect Your Systems To OneSaas
    Consult our support center
    for more information on how to add the systems you're looking to use, then go ahead and connect your trial accounts to OneSaas

  5. Configure Your Integration
    After this, go ahead and configure your integration to your liking. If you're not sure how to configure your integration's, feel free to contact support for some further assistance

  6. Trigger Your First Sync
    It's finally time to sync! Trigger a sync at the end of the configuration process to see your test data auto magically transfer between your two test accounts.

  7. Review The Results
    Once the sync is done, review each of your test accounts to note what data went where (e.g. What field maps where etc...).

  8. Let Us Know How You Went!
    If you have any questions or concerns about the result, reach out to us and we'll be able to help you out! We offer customized solutions, so if you have specific fields you'd like us to read from please let us know!

  9. Start Using Your Live Systems With A New OneSaas File
    If you're happy with the result, please go ahead and create another trial account with us and start fresh with your live systems! You should be able to make your way through the configuration process with much more confidence now as you already know what you want, how our system works and how we can help you.
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