Managing Your Sync Settings

Within the OneSaas dashboard, you have the ability to manage the frequency and time of your sync. You can even turn the automatic sync off completely, if you'd prefer to manually trigger a sync only when needed. We'll also give you the option to set your Time Zone and your Integration's Start Date. This is all explained in more detail below.

To find our Sync settings page, refer to the screenshot below:

Integration's Start Date - this is the date we'll start pulling your financial data. In this scenario, we won't be pulling any data before the 16th of March 2015.

Your Timezone - The timezone you'd like to see on your OneSaas dashboard, this effects data like your invoices dates, payment dates etc...

Sync Time - Here you have the option to set your Automatic sync to Hourly, Daily, or off, by clicking Manual. You can also let us know the minute, and hour you'd prefer your automatic sync to run.

Finally, always remember to select Save Changes, or all your hard work will be forgotten.

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