Editing Data In OneSaas

While it is always best to prepare your data before integration, you can also edit your incorrect data in OneSaas - to ensure every bit of data arrives at its destination system crystal clean.

How To Edit Data

  1. To get to the Data section of your OneSaas file, simply select Data
  2. Once here, you can navigate to various bits of data including Contacts, TransactionsItemsAccountsTax's and Jobs.
  3. To edit any bit of data, select the type of data you'd like to edit (I'm going to select Contacts)
  4. Next, select the record you're looking to edit
  5. Simply click on each field to start editing the text
  6. Scroll down, and save your changes.
  7. This process can be repeated for any record of data in OneSaas

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Why Would I Need To Edit Data In OneSaas?

To answer this question, I'll give you a common scenario for editing contacts data, and another for product data:


Some accounting systems won't accept two contacts with identical names, so we can resolve this in OneSaas by simply editing the contacts name to be unique, and triggering another sync. To see more on this limitation check out the guides below:



Another scenario would be when one of your customers enters an email address, or phone number in an incorrect format, some other systems are quite fussy with this. For example:

You may have an email address like this - customer@onesaascom

This will most likely be rejected as it's missing a full stop, and therefore is not in the correct format. You're able to go into the contact in OneSaas and edit it's email address to be - - save your changes, run another sync and you're good to go!


The best example for products, would be when a product has an SKU that's too long for it's destination system. This can be quickly fixed in OneSaas by opening the product, shortening the SKU to fit within the destination systems limit then saving your changes and syncing again.

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There are many other scenarios where editing data in OneSaas can help make your integration as smooth as possible, if you're not sure when to do so, just contact OneSaas support and we'll help you out!

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