Mapping Your Payments In OneSaas

How This Works

When integrating invoice payments using OneSaas, we allow you to determine how different payments appear in your Accounting system. How we do this, is quite simple - we pull all your payment methods from the invoices originating system, then let you pick an account for each method in your accounting system for the payment to be added to.

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Why Is This Useful?

Mapping different payment methods to different accounts in your accounting system is a way for us to give you more control over how your data is integrated - for example, you may want all 'PayPal' payments going to a PayPal clearing account in your accounting system, however you wouldn't want your Credit Card payments going to the same account. This allows you to do that.

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How Can I Configure This?

  1. At the start of your configuration, enable the push of payments to your Accounting system
  2. Select Next multiple times until you make it to the Map Payments screen
  3. Once at the Map Payments screen, use the drop down menus to select an account for each payment method you use
  4. Well done! Your payment methods are now mapped to your various accounts  in your accounting system.

If the account you're looking for isn't there, try hitting the Refresh button to the right of each drop down menu - this will trigger a pull of accounts from your accounting system.
If the account still isn't visible, check it out in your Accounting system and ensure it's able to receive payments.

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