Daily Summaries

What are daily summaries?

Some users find that they don't want to see every individual invoice in their accounting system, but would rather see all invoices for the day summarized for their convenience. OneSaas offers the option to send your invoices through from your CRM and eCommerce system to your Accounting system as Daily summaries.

This is also useful for users who may have certain invoice limits in their accounting system, such as Xero users, who have a limit of 1000 invoices per month. Sending invoices through as daily summaries solves this issue for high volume users.

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Can I use daily summaries?

Daily summaries are available on our pricing plans as follows:

Free 7 day trial - Yes, our trial is 100% full featured.

Basic plan - No, daily summaries are not available on our basic plan.

Premium plan - Yes, daily summaries are available as a paid add-on.

Unlimited plan - Yes, daily summaries are available free of charge.

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Configuring daily summaries

  1. Select Configure from your Apps dashboard
  2. Select Next until you make it to the Advanced Settings tab for your eCommerce connection
  3. You should now be faced with a screen similar to the following.  Please select the second option

  4. Now, please select which type of daily summary you'd like to integrate

  5. Select Next to save your changes

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Daily summaries tips and tricks

  • Summary Invoice Number is of the format S15042800 where S is the Prefix, 150428 is the date in yymmdd format and 00 is the first summary of the day
  • Individual Invoices themselves will display a text Summarize for Accounting below the Purchase Order field to indicate that this invoice was picked up in a daily summary
  • Turning on the Daily Summary option will take effect only on invoices from that point forward
  • Turning off the Daily Summary option to switch back to send invoices individually will take effect only on invoices from that point forwards

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