OneSaas Setup Process Walkthrough

With OneSaas, you're able to setup your complete integration within minutes using our simple setup process. Below is a step by step walk through, highlighting some useful key points throughout the process:

  1. Connect
  2. Configure
  3. Retrieve & Validate
  4. Preview
  5. Send & Finish


Begin here by connecting the systems you're looking to integrate. You'll find guides on how to connect every system here. For this example, we'll be connecting Bigcommerce and QuickBooks Online. Select Configure to move forward.

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The configuration process you'll see below is almost the exact same as any other eCommerce + Accounting integration, give or take a few very minor differences. If you're connecting anything else aside from an eCommerce or Accounting system, you'll notice slightly more differences, however again, it's still very similar. Please never hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team for help at any point in time.

  1. Start the configuration process by choosing the workflows you would like us to integrate from Bigcommerce to QuickBooks Online. For this example, I've chosen all available workflows so we can get an idea of the full potential of the setup process. Select next to move forward.

    Tip: You're able to choose how we create your orders in your accounting system by changing the option selected in the drop down menu provided

  2. Now, for each workflow you've enabled you're able to configure a couple more advanced settings. We're starting off here with some settings surrounding the integration of orders. You can choose your shops timezone, your preferred order number prefix, a shipping product, discount product and let us know what order status's you'd like us to pull from your online store. Hit next to continue.

    Tip: The Order Number Prefix is limited to 4 characters!

  3. Map your Bigcommerce tax rates to there corresponding tax rates in QuickBooks Online. If we haven't synced any sales for you yet, then you'll have to come back to this step later. If you'd like to read more on our tax configuration, you can do so here. Select Next to continue.

  4. Map your Bigcommerce payment methods to their corresponding accounts in QuickBooks Online. If you'd like to read more on mapping payments, you can do so here. Hit Next to move forward.

  5. Here you're able to decide if you'd like your orders pushed from Bigcommerce to QuickBooks Online individually, or as daily summaries. You can read more on how this works here. Click Next to continue.

  6. Now, you're able to select the workflows you'd like from QuickBooks Online to Bigcommerce. Again, I've selected all available options. Click Next once you're done.

  7. Depending on the accounting system you have connected, you may find different available options available here. For QuickBooks Online, we give you the option to let QuickBooks Online determine your invoice numbers, and configure a default due date Offset for us to choose if your orders don't already have one. You can find help on this here. Select Next to move forward.

  8. Here you're able to configure some default settings for the push of your items to QuickBooks Online. Again, this page may vary depending on your accounting system, or even your settings within QuickBooks Online. You can find help on how to configure this page here. Select Next to continue.

  9. You can now review the workflows you've setup, set your integration's start date, your sync frequency and time, and the timezone for your OneSaas file. All of these settings are explained here. Once you're happy with everything, select Retrieve Data Now. This will only pull data into OneSaas, we won't be pushing any data anywhere just yet.


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Retrieve & Validate

OneSaas should now be syncing. As soon as this is done, you're able to use our review page to fix up any remaining configuration changes you weren't able to do. For example, if you weren't able to map your tax's initially, you can do so now! Once everything is good to go, you should see a big green tick indicating you're ready to move forward. Please select Preview to continue.

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Finally, you're able to see the data that we were able to pull into OneSaas. For example, in the screenshot below you can see an invoice that were were able to pull in from our Bigcommerce store. If you're happy with everything, select Send Data & Finish to push your data as configured by yourself.

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Send & Finish

You should now see another sync running. However, this time instead of just pulling your data into OneSaas, we're pushing it too. Once the sync is completed, you'll be taken to review your first report. Once you've had a look, just select Done to finish the setup process.

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