Integrating Refunds, Cancellations, Exchanges - Limitations

Several OneSaas users have requested the following scenarios:

If an order is refunded/cancelled in my e-Commerce system, update this change to my Accounting system.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to implement this feature. Main reasons being:

  • In order to handle refunds, we would first need to detect this sort of behaviour coming from the e-Commerce systems. This is never consistent with e-Commerce systems and there is no reliable method of determining whether an order has been cancelled, refunded, or simply just deleted.

  • Supposing that we are able to get this information from the e-Commerce system, there is no safe automated way of processing these operations from an accounting perspective.

    The reason being that different businesses/accountants/accounting systems have different ways of handling refunds:
    - Close off/delete the invoice. Issue a refund via the bank.
    - Keep the original invoice open, issue an adjustment note to offset the invoice
    - Change the invoice to be zero amount.


Right now our current recommendation is to manually process such cases in the accounting system. We would recommend checking with your accountant/book-keeper about the best way to do this for your business.

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