Managing the push of contacts to your accounting system

Currently you have the option to choose between three different methods of sending your contacts to your Accounting system. Below will explain how each of these work, and how to configure the options:


How can I configure this?

You'll find the option to change how we send your contacts on the first page of your configuration - please access this by selecting Configure from your Apps Dashboard or Integration's pages. As seen in the screenshot below, you can choose which option you'd like using the drop down menu provided.


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Sending invoices with the Original Customer

Choosing this option will send invoices to your accounting system along with the contact details of the customer who created the invoice. This is great for users who would like to track all of their customers ordering details in their accounting system.

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Sending invoices with the Original Customers Organisation

This will send your invoices with the original customers company/organisation details instead of the contact itself. This is useful for users who would rather track their customers on an organisation level, rather then a contact by contact level.

Currently this setting is only available for QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight Live and Xero users. We're working on adding support for Saasu, and will update this article as soon as it's available!

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Sending invoices with a single Online Sales customer

When using this option, we'll send all your invoices to your accounting system with the same customer named in the following format:

First Name: eCommerce system name (e.g. Bigcommerce)

Last Name: eCommerce store name (e.g. My Online Store)

If you'd like to name this generic customer differently, you can manually edit the contact within your accounting system.

This is useful for customers who wouldn't like their accounting system cluttered with individual contact details.

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