Troubleshooting MYOB


Freight Account Error

To send invoices to MYOB with freight/shipping, you'll need to ensure you have the Income Account For Freight configured. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Open and login to your MYOB file
  2. Navigate to Setup -> Linked Accounts -> Sales Accounts
  3. Ensure you have the Income Account For Freight configured as seen below

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Daily Summary invoice number limitation

MYOB currently has an invoice number limitation of 9 characters, which conflicts with the number we generate for daily summaries. When we generate a daily summary, we'll have a prefix (e.g. A) and then 9 characters (e.g. 15090100) - this makes something like the following:


When we send it to MYOB, the first character onwards is cut until there are 9 characters remaining, meaning the prefix will be removed, leaving just the numbers:


Your invoice numbers will still be unique as they're generated by date, they just won't have any prefix attached when they reach MYOB.

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