Integrating Refunds and Cancelations

How Can I Configure OneSaas To Integrate This?

  1. Start by selecting Configure on your Apps Dashboard
  2. Select the option to send orders to your accounting system
  3. Tick the box reading and when an order is Refunded or Cancelled, create a Credit Note in Xero and select Next to save your changes

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How does it work?

If we detect an order in OneSaas has been refunded or cancelled in your eCommerce system, we'll retrieve this as another invoice with the same invoice number, just with a C before original invoice. For example...

Original invoice: ABC123

Refund/Cancellation: CABC123

From here, we'll send this to your accounting system as a Credit Note in Xero or Refund receipt in QuickBooks Online.

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Things To Know

  • Currently we're only able to retrieve refunds from Bigcommerce and send them to either Xero or QuickBooks Online. We hope to be able to integrate refunds with more integrations soon!
  • All refunds will generate a new transaction in OneSaas and count towards your monthly transaction limit.
  • If an invoice is awaiting payment and the order is cancelled, we won't send anything to your accounting system. We'll only send refunds/cancellations for paid orders.

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