Migrating from the beta Salesforce app for

We've now released a new Salesforce App, to replace the Beta app users are currently using. If you're using our Beta App, you'll need to migrate to the new app - below are two recommended methods of doing so. If you're using our Salesforce app for the first time, click here.


(Recommended) Removing the current Salesforce App completely, then re-installing the new one

The above option is recommended as it's the cleanest approach to Migration. However, before doing the above you'll need to be aware that removing the old Salesforce App will remove ALL invoices that were created along with it. If these are already synced through to Bill.Com, this shouldn't be an issue, but if you would like to keep these invoices, read on to option 2.

  1. Navigate to Customize --> Opportunities --> Page Layouts
  2. Select Page Layout Assignment
  3. Select Edit Assignment
  4. Change the Page Layout Assignment to anything else but what it is now. If you leave it as is, you may face an error uninstalling the app as the layout for the app is still in use.
  5. In your Salesforce account, navigate to Setup --> Build --> Develop --> Installed packages
  6. Select Uninstall next to the Salesforce App For Bill.Com
  7. Confirm that you'd like to uninstall the App, then select Uninstall
  8. Now, install the new Salesforce App following instructions here


Install our new Salesforce App while keeping the old

If you keep the old Salesforce app, your invoices won't be removed. You'll need to change your Page Layout Assignment, which will mean your old invoices aren't visible but if you'd like to see them again, you can change your page assignment back.

  1. Start by installing our new Salesforce App following instructions here
  2. Navigate to Customize --> Opportunities --> Page Layouts
  3. Select Page Layout Assignment
  4. Select Edit Assignment
  5. Using the dropdown menu provided, change the layout to be in the Opportunity With Invoice Layout then Save your changes
  6. If you would like to see your older invoices again, come back and temporarily change the Page layout page to how it previously was. Always be sure to change it back to be using the layout for the new app.


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