Integrating Bill.Com with the OneSaas Salesforce App

Setting up the integration

  1. To use the app, click here to begin the installation process
  2. Make your way through the installation process, then select Install
  3. Select Done to complete the installation process
  4. To enable the changes this app provides in your SF account, navigate to Customize --> Opportunities --> Page Layouts
  5. Select Page Layout Assignment
  6. Select Edit Assignment
  7. Using the dropdown menu provided, change the layout to be in the Opportunity With Invoice Layout then Save your changes
  8. Now, navigate back to your Bill.Com account and navigate to the App Center
  9. Select the OneSaas Salesforce app, then select Connect
  10. Select Sign In To Salesforce then log in as prompted
  11. Select Allow to allow OneSaas access to your Salesforce
  12. You will now have a OneSaas account with your Bill.Com and your Salesforce connected. Select Configure to move forward through the process
  13. Select the option to create invoices from Salesforce into Bill.Com. You can also choose if you'd like the associated items from the Salesforce invoice to send to Bill.Com, along with if you'd like payments from Bill.Com to send back to Salesforce. Select Next once configured.
  14. Map your taxes from Salesforce to Bill.Com using the drop down menus provided. For more information on our tax mapping process, please click here. Select Next once done.
  15. There's nothing to configure on this page, so please select Next again to continue forwards.
  16. Review your configuration, then choose an Integrations Start Date, Your timezone and the time you'd like OneSaas to automatically sync. You can read more on Sync Settings here.
  17. To walkthrough the rest of the OneSaas setup process, please click here

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Sending an invoice from Salesforce to Bill.Com

  1. Log into your Salesforce, and open a Closed & Won opportunity you'd like to create an invoice for.
  2. To create an invoice, you need to add items to the opportunity. Please select Add Products
  3. Using the check boxes provided, select the items you wish to add then click Select
  4. Choose the quantity and price for each item. Select Save when done
  5. From here please select Create Invoice as highlighted below
  6. Now choose the invoice date, due date, which items and what quantity of the items are included, then select Save and Send to Bill.Com
  7. On your next sync, the invoice will be added in Bill.Com
  8. Once the invoice is paid in Bill.Com, you will see the payment come through to Salesforce on the following sync

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