FreshBooks and Xero Integration Guide

With OneSaas, you're able to setup your complete integration between FreshBooks and Xero within minutes using our simple setup process. Below is a step by step walk through, highlighting some useful key points throughout the process:

  1. Connect
  2. Configure
  3. Retrieve & Validate
  4. Preview
  5. Send & Finish
  6. Example Data


Begin here by connecting your FreshBooks and Xero account. Find instructions on how to connect each system below:

Select Configure to move forward.

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You're able to let us know exactly how you'd like your integration to work, in this walk through, all options available in the integration will be selected to demonstrate the full capability of the integration. If you have any questions about the functionality of any option that isn't explained below, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team for help at any point in time.

  1. Start the configuration process by selecting the first check box, to enable to sync of invoices from FreshBooks to Xero

  2. A pop up menu should now appear, here you're able to:
     - Select the invoice status's we should be retrieving from FreshBooks
     - The invoice prefix you'd like in-front of all order numbers (e.g. FB123)

    Select Save when finished.

  3. You're now able to choose the following:
     - Select how you'd like paid and unpaid orders to be sent to Xero
     - Select how you'd like the contact to be associated with the sale (more details here)
     - If you'd like OneSaas to create products alongside invoices for you
     - If OneSaas should send associated payments to Xero

    Tick the box to send Expenses from FreshBooks to Xero as Purchase Invoices to continue forwards

    Tip: You're able to choose how we create your orders in your Xero by changing the options in the drop down menus provided

  4. Similar to the invoice settings, here you can choose the Expense and Estimates status you'd like OneSaas to retrieve, and set a prefix for us to place at the start of all order numbers. You will also need to select a default currency for us to use for all expenses.

    Select Save Changes when done.

  5. Map your FreshBooks tax rates to their corresponding tax rates in Xero. If you'd like to read more on our tax configuration, you can do so here. Select Next to continue.

  6. Referencing your FreshBooks Accounts on the left, choose a Xero account to match up with each line using the drop down menus provided. 

    Once completed, select Next.

  7. Map your FreshBooks payment methods to their corresponding accounts in Xero. If you'd like to read more on mapping payments, you can do so here.

    Hit Next to move forward.

  8. Now, you're selecting how you'd like data sent from Xero to FreshBooks. You have the option to:
     - Send invoices from Xero to FreshBooks
     - Create items from within the invoices in FreshBooks
     - Send invoice payments from Xero to FreshBooks
     - Using the last option, you can also simply send ALL items to FreshBooks (Rather than just those within invoices we're sending)

    Click Next to continue.

  9. As done when configuring FreshBooks to Xero, you now need to map taxes going from Xero to FreshBooks. Select a tax code from FreshBooks for every Xero tax code displayed on the left. More information about tax mapping can be found here.

    Select Next to move forwards.

  10. Map payments from Xero to FreshBooks. For each account from Xero on the left, choose an account in FreshBooks for the payment to be added to. More on payment mapping can be found here.

    Select Next again to move forwards.

  11. Here you can choose the invoice status from Xero that you'd like OneSaas to retrieve. If there's any status you'd like us to ignore, you can just leave it deselected.

    Hit Next again to move to the next step.

  12. In your Advanced settings, you're able to configure how invoices are sent to Xero a little further. These options are explained below:

    Swap Billing and Shipping Address - Explained in more detail here

    Automatic Invoice Number - Explained in more detail here

    Populate Purchase Number with Invoice number - If you have the Automatic Invoice Number option selected, this will also send the original FreshBooks number to Xero using the Purchase Number field.

    Default Due Date - This option allows you to choose how we set your invoices due dates in Xero. Select the option you'd like from the dropdown menu, then enter a number to suit your needs.

  13. Now you're able to choose the default accounts for us to use when creating new items in your Xero. Please keep in mind that we won't update existing items in Xero with these accounts, but rather will respect their current settings. You can find more information on these configuration settings here 

    Select Next to complete the configuration

  14. You can now review the workflows you've setup, set your integration's start date, your sync frequency and time, and the time zone for your OneSaas file. All of these settings are explained here. Once you're happy with everything, select Retrieve Data Now. This will only pull data into OneSaas, we won't be pushing any data anywhere just yet.

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Retrieve & Validate

OneSaas should now be syncing. As soon as this is done, you're able to use our review page to fix up any remaining configuration changes you weren't able to do. For example, if you weren't able to map your tax's initially, you can do so now! Once everything is good to go, you should see a big green tick indicating you're ready to move forward. Please select Preview to continue.

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Finally, you're able to see the data that we were able to pull into OneSaas. For example, in the screenshot below you can see an invoice that we were able to retrieve. If you're happy with everything, select Send Data & Finish to push your data as configured by yourself.

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Send & Finish

You should now see another sync running. However, this time instead of just pulling your data into OneSaas, we're pushing it too. Once the sync is completed, you'll be taken to review your first report. This is the end of the setup process, you're able to re-configure your integration with this process at any point in time.

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Example Data

To see how your data will flow between FreshBooks and Xero, below is an example of 1 invoice and 1 expense entry that has been integrated by OneSaas between both systems.

Invoice in FreshBooks:

Invoice in OneSaas (Hint: Use the links at the bottom of the invoice to see which systems it has been linked to):

Invoice in Xero:

Expense in FreshBooks:

Expense in OneSaas:

Expense in Xero:

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