ImPOS and Xero Integration Guide

OneSaas can integrate ImPOS for you, however to get started on this integration you'll need to speak to ImPOS support directly. ImPOS support will create and provision your OneSaas account, then connect your ImPOS account to the integration for you.

  1. Once your account has been created you can connect your Xero account, this article will guide you.
  2. Once you've connected up the systems, you'll need to move on to configuring your file. Please select Configure from your OneSaas Dashboard.
  3. To enable your integration to send your ImPOS end of day summaries to Xero, select the box as shown below.
  4. Copy the Auth Token, and pass this back to ImPOS support, as they now need to authorize your integration. Once done, continue forward to step 5
  5. Select Next to continue                                                                      
  6. You should now see one or more drop down menus each with one of your tax codes from ImPOS next to them. For each ImPOS tax code, use the drop down menu to choose a matching tax code from your Xero. Once done, select Next to continue
  7. Using the drop down menus again, please match your ImPOS payment methods up with accounts setup in your Xero. Once done, select Next to continue.
  8. Using the same principle as the tax mapping and payment mapping screens, match your ImPOS accounts to your accounts set up in your Xero. Once done, select Next to continue.
  9. Select Next again, there's nothing we need to configure from Xero to ImPOS

  10. Configure your Advanced settings for Xero, for more information on how these settings work, please visit our guide on automatic invoice numbering here.
  11. Next, you'll find yourself at the Review page. First up, you need to assign a start date, choose your time zone and set your sync time. Select Retrieve Data Now to trigger your first sync, or Save & Exit to go back to your dashboard without triggering a sync.


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