Sage One and WHMCS



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    Hi Jim,

    At the moment, we only integrate with the Australian and South African versions of SageOne, sorry!

    If you were to be using one of these versions, we only integrate orders from WHMCS to SageOne. As such if you entered the same order into SageOne, then again into WHMCS, we'd most likely duplicate it in SageOne unless the invoice numbers are exactly the same. If you're just entering other orders into SageOne, then that should be fine as the invoices we're sending from WHMCS are different to the orders already in SageOne.

    Any other questions, please email us at



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    Jim Corbett

    PS: We are using the UK version of SageOne

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    Jim Corbett

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the heads up.  Are there any plans to support the UK version?  If not, are you aware of a product that does?



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