MYOB - do all invoice get synced to OneSaas or is there a way to hold or exclude orders ?



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    Hi Andrew,

    To answer your questions directly:



    a - Orders are pushed to MYOB as invoices.

    b - You're able to filter paid and unpaid when we pull them from the invoices originating system. For example, you may only want us to pull orders when they're paid - this is done during the initial configuration process.

    c - Refer to the above answer.



    a - Just like with the paid and unpaid orders, you're able to filter by invoice status from the invoices originating system. For example, you may not want us to pull 'pending' orders, however you would like us to pull 'complete' orders.

    b - In this scenario, you're able to filter out these orders by leaving them on a specific status in the originating system. For example, you may have a 'Shipped' status in your eCommerce system that you tell us to ignore.


    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,


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    Thanks Josh, that helps.

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