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    Hi Tom, QBO Bundle support is still an open item on our development queue. Unfortunately this hasn't been given as much attention due to some known limitations with the QuickBooks API. Namely we are currently still unable to create new bundle items in QBO if we get them from another system.

    Having said that, I do admit that OneSaas should still be able to retrieve pre-existing group/bundle items from QBO to match with other systems. I've re-highlighted the demand for this feature with our team again, and hopefully we'll have something out soon!

    Will keep this thread open until the feature is out. Sorry for the delay!

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    JP Alonso

    Just contacted BigCommerce about this today. Really need this to be able to sync orders within QBO from BigCommerce. Otherwise, we have to run through all the order sync errors in BC and manually enter the bundle in QBO.

    Unless BigCommerce creates bundles first and somehow the sync can tell QBO the individual items, this is the only other way. It has to be one or the other. It's neither right now.

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    Mark Robins

    Yep all still waiting... Takes ages sorting stock counts every day cos if bundle sales. So the feature won't create new products in QBO... I've got that feature switched off in Onesaas anyway ...please can we have this soon?

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    Chris Joyce

    Yes! Bundles are a big component to our shopping experience and we need the sales receipt to reflect the bundle name in QBO.

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    Mark Robins

    Bundles would be great...we sell items on eBay and BC which are made up of component items we order in and also sell individually. It would really help with our stock control and ordering

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    Yes please.  I sell a lot of bundles on my website


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    Izumi Kimura

    Totally agree.

    Even thinking about leaving OneSaaS since I cannot track my bundle products properly...  and its the best selling item.


    If this can be managed, I think it will be such a big differenciator, please strongly consider this feature on the roadmap!

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    This needs to happen ASAP.  I will actively search a platform until I find one that can do bundles.  I hope OneSaas can get it done before I find a system that supports bundles because otherwise OneSaas seems great.

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    Hi Johnny, did this ever get developed? I can see the original thread is over 1 year old. More and more companies are using bundles at least over here in the UK. 

    As far as I can tell Magento populates the shop basket/admin panel with the constituent parts of the bundle (Children). Are these not sent to Quickbooks Online through the API?

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    Hey Mark, thanks for confirming, I have been told that the integration will match existing bundles in QBO even if it cant create new ones is this your understanding?

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    Yes! I want my Shopify Bundles to import into QBO flawlessly!

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    C.W. Fink

    I definitely need access to have my bundles come through to quickbooks. This is a major part of my business and right now I have to hand enter all of them. This is very time consuming. Would be so much easier if it just happened behind the scene like everything else does. Thanks.


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