B2B is not the same as B2C


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    Johnny Chiang

    Hi Sherice, we fully recognize that B2B businesses have different requirements than B2C. However what we have come to find when working alongside such companies and listening to their requirements, is that often a more bespoke solution would be a better fit than our standardized integration app.

    To address specifically payment terms, not only have we encountered the standard Net 30, 60, 90 etc. But also we have been asked to accommodate a whole myriad such as:

    - EOM
    - 21 MFI
    - Staged Payments
    - Contra
    - Any combination of the above. E.g. Net 30 except for black Friday orders.

    On the eCommerce platform side, payment terms are usually heavily customized and not standard, so what this means is that some sort of complex mapping and logic needs to be put in place, covering also unforeseen scenarios such as encountering a brand new unrecognized payment term.

    Perhaps for BigCommerce specifically this is a standard field with standard values that we can match by default to QuickBooks, we will list this down as a potential item for our developers to explore. If there are any other B2B users who would like to see this feature, please comment below so we can gauge demand.

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