6000 - Business Validation Error: You need to activate this item before updating the quantity.



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    Johnny Chiang

    Tiara, thanks for posting. Our team have reached out to you directly to try and resolve this issue. However if you did not receive our email, please get in touch via support@onesaas.com.

    It does appear to be the case that our app might still be referencing an item you have made inactive. Our support team can help reset the data links to point to the desired item.

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    Tiara Jacinta

    For more context, I think the item is still linking to the inactive item in my quickbooks. 

    Inside quickbooks I have an old quickbooks product and the new one: 
    I tried removing the sku from the deleted item but the issue is still persistent.
    Since I have selected the SKU option inside the connector for shopify.
    Help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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