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    Johnny Chiang

    Hi Melissa, I believe our support team has sent you a direct email with instructions and screenshots on how to edit the data within OneSaas. Please check, and if you still cannot see anything reach out again via

    Our team will also be discussing internally and potentially with BigCommerce directly on how to handle cases like yours in the future. Our design and testing process has been centred around the base BigCommerce system only and has not accounted for the myriad of external/3rd party connections that can send customer/order data to BigCommerce in formats that don't conform with normal BigCommerce orders.

    I'm sorry to say that for the time being if you receive any new Amazon orders into BigCommerce, and those orders have customer records with blank names, this issue will continue as your QuickBooks does not accept customer records with blank names and it's also potentially dangerous for our system to start making up names just to get the data through to QuickBooks.

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