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    Johnny Chiang

    Hi Ina, thanks for the feedback. I recently responded to a very similar request:

    Our team is definitely looking at the possibility of introducing invoice updates to our sync capability. Unfortunately there's no ETA yet as there are quite a few scenarios(as well as limitations) around the definition of what constitutes an update that OneSaas should sync, and what should be ignored.

    E.g. We want to be careful not to override manual changes done against the QuickBooks invoice for other accounting processes (eCommerce platforms typically do not tell us what part of a specific order was updated, rather we are just told that it has been "updated" in some way).
    Also, if we created the sale as a Paid Receipt in QuickBooks, we are also limited in our ability to make any edits. etc.

    In the meantime, unfortunately you are correct. Any customer exchanges will have to be manually corrected within your QuickBooks. We understand this is a pain-point for some of our users, and this is something we are actively discussing.


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