Preparing your eCommerce system for integration

When connecting your eCommerce system to OneSaas, there are a few things you can do to help ensure a successful integration. Learn more on this below.

Sales Taxes

You'll need to setup any Sales Taxes in your shop first, as we'll be reading sales data as directly reported to us by your store.

Products and Variants

Please also ensure all your products and variants have unique SKUs / product codes setup. If you already have the same products in another system you're connecting, please also ensure product codes match for corresponding products between systems.

NOTE: eBay items must use the 'Custom Label' field as specified here.

Customer Data

It's best to make sure all your customer data is correct, as we'll be using the customer name and email to match between systems to prevent duplicate data.

3rd Party Extensions

OneSaas is built and tested to work with a standard store setup, not for a store with any 3rd party extensions (e.g. POS, coupons, rewards points etc..). Even so, we've still seen customers using 3rd party extensions and integrate successfully, so we'd recommend testing how this works on our free 7 day trial. Please also reach out to OneSaas support as we'll be able to help test our any potential issues, or let you know if we're not able to work with your extension.




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