Troubleshooting eBay

Matching Product Data

OneSaas reads product codes from the 'Custom Label' field within the eBay system in order to match up products with other systems.

Here is more information on the Custom Label field within eBay:

Please make sure that the data in your Custom Label fields are populated with the correct product code/SKUs.

In order to prevent SKU conflicts, you need to make sure that the 'Custom Label' fields in both the 'Active Listings' and 'Inventory' section match up.

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Merging Sales In eBay

OneSaas does not support multiple orders from the same customer being merged into a single order for fulfillment in eBay. If you merge orders in eBay to be fulfilled in a single dispatch, then you will need to manually change that with your fulfillment service to avoid risk of duplication of the order, e.g. where both the new master order and the merged order are sent to fulfillment and fulfilled.

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Historical data Synchronization

 If you are integrating eBay with OneSaas please note that there is a known limitation where eBay does not provide all the requested historical data to OneSaas.

The eBay system has been known to only provide a limited range of historical data on certain occasions and there is no known cause for this.

This behaviour is not consistent and we have seen cases where we have been able to pull older orders. Please reach out to our support team if you wish to sync historical orders from eBay.

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