Matching Data Between Different Systems

When connecting multiple systems together OneSaas has the ability to match pre-existing data between without creating duplicates.

OneSaas uses quite a complex algorithm to match contacts across different systems, however the main criteria are as follows:

  • Company Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

As a first step OneSaas would pull contacts data from the connected systems into OneSaas and check if any contact names match up. We then look at these contacts emails to confirm they're a match. If the emails don't match, we won't match them. If one or more of the contacts don't have an email, we'll try to match via phone number. If the phone numbers don't match, we won't match them.

Please note that we are not able to handle any existing duplicates. E.g. If you have a repeat customer who creates a new login account for every purchase, then we will treat every new account as a separate contact, we cannot merge existing duplicates.

OneSaas matches products using their SKU/Product Code. Please make sure that these are the same for corresponding products in your various systems.

Product Names and Descriptions do not have to be identical.

Invoices are matched using Invoice Number

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    Steve Jones

    Not enough information provided on how this works in practive. For example, what is the relationship between Contacts and Organisations. Is the matching done at the Contact level or the Organisation level (i.e. does it check the password given in the Organisation record, or just the Contact record)?


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