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    Max Hodges

    I think it's a mistake to match SKU to QBO product Name. I think you should attempt to match on SKU instead and simply block orders from loading if a SKU is missing is if there are duplicate SKUs. Just like you would if a product Name was missing. So if there are duplicate SKUs you just having a warning: "Duplicate SKU. Unable to match"

    Companies use names for other purposes: for pick lists, invoices and inventory management. Rather than designing your software to work with Quickbooks SKUs and accommodating the way thousands of companies run their business, you're burdening your customers by requiring them modify hundreds (or thousands) of inventory items--and related business workflows--to work with your software. I hope you'll reconsider this approach.

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    Hi, I am designing a BC store for a client and I completely  agree with Max.

    Is there a way we can configure the connector to at least add the SKU in QBO even if it checks the product name in QBO vs that in BC as designed now. 

    This is an issue at the QBO level so I assume that other cart solutions will have the same issue?



    ICR Consulting Group

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